Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scriblink - the online whiteboard

Scriblink is an online white board for remote collaboration. I was impressed by scriblink because it requires no add-on software such as flash, runs quickly on my older PC, and allows you a full range of painting and typing options. Very handy when whipping something up across the internet.

My only complaint is that the "save" function (which is supposed to email you a permanent link to your whiteboard) does not seem to work yet. Scriblink also offers VOIP and phone conference options, which I did not test.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rat Brain Robot

Got this link in my inbox today: Rat Brain Robot

What you are seeing, as the video explains, is a small wheeled robot, controlled by the brain of a rat (which is inside the casing on top of the robot). A little on the creepy side, a little on the amazing side.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Defiance: Bar Mitzvah in the woods

Tuvia Belskei (Daniel Craig: Quantum Of Solace, Casino Royale) escapes the SS death squads, only to find a gaggle of women and children in every basement and barn. Unable to leave anyone behind, Tuvia and his brother create a nomadic sanctuary for the survivors while taking up arms against the Germans and their collaborators. Went to get Valkyrie, which was sold out (stop giving that crazy scientologist Tom Cruise money you jerks!), decided to grab this instead and was impressed.

Redbox Reviews comes online

Redbox reviews is where some dudes review some movies from the redbox outside walgreens, the good old amazon, and wherever else we pick 'em up.